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Over the last century, the law office of M. Joseph Levin,P. C., has advised individuals and families throughout Queens with real estate decisions such as the decision to purchase or sell condominiums.

If you have questions about how condominium law applies to you, contact our Queens attorneys today to schedule a consultation. The assistance of lawyers experienced in the purchase of condominiums is important to your ongoing financial security.

Elmhurst Lawyers Assisting With the Purchase and Sales of Condominiums

The purchase of a condominium is both similar and different from purchasing a co-op or a house. For example, in contrast to purchasing a co-op, you are actually purchasing a piece of real estate when you buy a condominium. However, condominium associations also have a board of directors that makes financial and regulatory decisions for the association.

Our attorneys have the necessary experience and knowledge to advise you on condominium laws and real estate practices so that you may avoid future problems with ownership, including important information about your purchase such as:

  • Monthly charges
  • Repair and replacement schedules and your share of the costs for such repairs/replacements
  • Obligations and restrictions of the condominium association
  • Appropriate insurance policies to protect your investment
  • Other rights and responsibilities of the owner and condominium association

We will also thoroughly examine the financial state of the condominium association, and carefully review the decisions of the board of directors to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of the owners.

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