Queens Probate Attorney

If a family member is near death or has already died, you are naturally concerned about legal matters including probate and perhaps the need to lease or sell any real estate property that your loved one left behind. Other important questions to answer as soon as possible include the following:

  • Is there a prepaid funeral provision spelled out in the person's will or private files?
  • Have all assets been accounted for in the will or through any trusts?
  • Are there any assets that require special attention or handling from the personal representative (executor or fiduciary)?
  • Is there any question as to whether the will in hand is the most recent one, or is there perhaps a more current, updated one in existence?
  • Is there any question as to whether the will was properly executed? (Might it be invalid or subject to a will contest brought by disgruntled family members or business associates?

Contact one of our experienced New York probate attorneys to schedule a consultation. We are well qualified to offer information, guidance and assistance through the entire probate process. Beginning with a review of all testamentary documents and concluding with the successful closing of the estate, our attorneys are ready to help your family in your time of need.

As career estate planning and probate lawyers, we understand the importance to families of timely, accurate probate administration. We are committed to working closely with clients for the sake of resolving loose ends, fulfilling all legal requirements, and closing the estate without undue delay.

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