Queens Lawyers, Representing Victims of Nursing Home Negligence

When an elderly or disabled family member's well-being is entrusted to a long-term care facility, we rightly assume that they will be properly cared for and protected.

If you believe your mother or father was seriously harmed through nursing home negligence, contact us to schedule a consultation with attorneys fighting for victims of nursing home negligence in Queens and the surrounding communities.

We often hear from Queens area residents whose parents or grandparents suffered injury or died prematurely while in nursing homes as a result of one or more of the following:

  • Inadequate supervision or monitoring
  • Falling out of bed
  • Medication errors: prescription or administration of wrong amounts of medications, or drugs that would have undesirable interactions with other drugs that a patient was taking

To readers of this Web page who wonder how to prevent injury or death by nursing home negligence, we offer the following pieces of advice:

  • Be sure that your loved one has completed a health care proxy, expressing wishes and giving instructions in case of health emergencies.
  • Check in on your loved one often and if you suspect that something is wrong, bring it to the attention of the nursing home staff immediately. Does your loved one appear overmedicated? Are there unexplained bruises or untreated bed sores? Do you suspect malnutrition or dehydration based on your loved one's condition?
  • Meet regularly with the team of professionals in charge of the care plan for your loved one.

Our Attorneys Serve Victims of Elder Abuse in Elmhurst

In the event that you suspect elder abuse or nursing home negligence and would like to talk to a lawyer, we welcome your inquiry. If no harm has actually occurred, we can advise you on ways to be proactive. If, on the other hand, your elderly or disabled relative in a long-term care facility has been seriously injured or died under suspicious circumstances, our nursing home negligence lawyers are prepared to investigate the matter and bring any and all claims. We will start with copies of the nursing home resident's records, and do our best to find out whether there is a personal injury claim, or whether a death could be classified as wrongful death in light of the facts.

Our Lawyers Represent Clients in Long Island, New York, and the Surrounding Areas Who Have Suffered Bed Sores

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