Queens, New York Physician Negligence Lawyers

Physician, nurses and other medical professionals are held to a certain standard of care. When they fail to meet it, serious injuries and fatalities can occur. When a physician or nurse is tasked with the care of an elderly nursing home resident, they are taking care of a vulnerable person. When injury or death occurs, families are often left wondering how such a mistake was allowed to happen.

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When Physician Negligence Harms Your Loved One

People who are in nursing homes and other facilities generally lack the ability to make decisions about their care. Nurses, doctors and other medical professionals therefore must take responsibility to provide the best possible care. When care is substandard, serious injury and death can occur. Our attorneys are prepared to analyze the matter, attempt to remedy the situation, and bring legal claims if necessary. Our firm will assess copies of the nursing home resident's records and determine if a negligent act contributed to the injury.

Nurse or physician negligence can include a failure to diagnose a medical condition or failure to recognize signs of abuse or neglect. Residents should be carefully monitored for the beginning stages of bed sores, any suspicious injuries should be investigated, changes in a medical condition should be noted and addressed, and concerns raised by family members should be taken seriously.

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