Queens Estate Planning Attorneys • Wills and Trusts

A rule of thumb at the Queens, New York, estate planning law firm of M. Joseph Levin,P. C., is that wills should be reviewed and updated as needed at least every three years. Any change in family structure or assets may also trigger a need for a new will.

Is your Family Prepared in Case of a Tragic Car Accident or Natural Disaster?

We urge you to contact us to schedule a consultation if any of the following are true:

  • You don't have a will
  • You aren't sure if your will is valid, or if it needs updating
  • You or one of your beneficiaries has recently been divorced
  • If new children have been born or adopted in the will, and are not accounted for in the will
  • If you are engaged and thinking about a prenuptial agreement, and / or wondering about timing of a new will
  • If you have questions about life insurance and wills
  • If you have put your assets in a trust (or are thinking about doing so), and need a pour-over will

Review your Life Insurance Policies and Your Will with a Lawyer

As estate planning and probate attorneys, we often encounter regrettable situations such as that of the woman who came to us after her husband died. She was convinced that her husband had changed the beneficiary designations on his life insurance after their marriage, but a close investigation revealed that he never got around to it. She was out of luck, and the life insurance proceeds went to someone else whom he most probably did not intend for them to after marrying his new wife.

Will Contests

Perhaps you believe your spouse, your parent or any other close family member left you out of their will based on false information, or under undue influence from someone. We represent clients who would like to contest a will or who wish to challenge a threatened or actual will contest brought by another person (usually a family member, business partner or creditor).

Contact us to schedule a consultation about any concerns or questions you have concerning wills in New York. You may be interested in learning of ways to make your own will difficult for anyone to contest when the time comes.