Queens, New York Powers of Attorney

At the law office of M. Joseph Levin,P. C., we offer estate planning services that fully consider the variety of life's situations. For many of our clients, establishing power of attorney over certain financial, health care and legal decisions is helpful. There are many types of powers of attorney. Our firm can help you understand the differences and which types could benefit you most.

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What Is a Power of Attorney?

Our lawyers understand that you may have many questions about the estate planning directives that apply to your life. Our firm can answer your questions about fundamental estate planning, complex estate planning and any questions that arise regarding specific directives. A power of attorney is a document that delegates authority to another person. You can choose a family member, friend or other trusted individual to serve as power of attorney. This person will have legal authority over items such as:

  • Real estate property
  • Bank accounts and transactions
  • Financial investments
  • Legal claims
  • Tax and retirement issues
  • Gifting
  • Medical care decisions

M. Joseph Levin,P. C. establishes powers of attorney such as:

  • Durable power of attorney: effective in the event you become incompetent or disabled, applies to financial affairs
  • Nondurable power of attorney/limited power of attorney: generally used for a specific event or time period—while you are traveling abroad for example
  • Springing power of attorney: effective at a future time when the need "springs up"
  • Medical power of attorney/health care power of attorney: allows a person to make decisions regarding your medical care should you become incapacitated

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