Noncrisis Medicaid Planning

Planning for the future can be a daunting task. There are countless variables to consider, and a great deal of "what-ifs."

Taking steps now to prepare for life after retirement or life in the event of incapacity can dramatically improve your quality of life later on. It can also help you preserve the financial assets you have worked hard to save for yourself and your family.

Let our team at M. Joseph Levin,P. C., protect you in the event of incapacity. We can help you understand the legal tools available to address financial needs for nursing home care or long-term medical care. Contact us for more information.

Don't Underestimate The Financial Support You Will Need

If you look at the hard numbers, the cost of nursing home or elder care facilities can be tens of thousands of dollars per month. The average family does not have the retirement savings to finance this kind of care for very long — nor should those savings be drained so quickly.

Even if you have significant assets, you are still well-advised to consider your options in government benefits and financial support as you plan for the future. Remember that Medicare does not necessarily pay for lengthy stays in nursing homes. Medicaid, however, might be the answer you need.

It is important to protect your eligibility for Medicaid by strategically structuring your assets in a thoughtful estate plan. For example, placing your financial assets into a trust can ensure that your money is used specifically for your living needs and is distributed on an as-needed basis. Your income then will not necessarily be too high for Medicaid eligibility.

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Every individual has different assets and circumstances to consider, so before you make any significant decisions regarding your assets, contact our attorneys at M. Joseph Levin,P. C. We can make sure you have what you need for the future.