Crisis Medicaid Planning

Ideally, every client we work with at M. Joseph Levin,P. C., would come to us in preparation for nursing home care or the costs of elder living. The reality is, many people do not know what they need until it is time to enter a nursing home or elder care facility.

It is not too late to organize your assets and apply for benefits like Medicaid if you are facing an urgent need for quality nursing home care. Our attorneys can help you understand your options quickly while making strategic decisions that preserve your assets and your eligibility for benefits. Even if you have been denied Medicaid due to your income, we can find a solution for you.

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Quick Responses And Creative Solutions In Crisis Medicaid Planning

Every elder law case requires a new evaluation because every individual comes to us with different assets and individualized care needs.

We can answer your questions and provide options in:

  • Creating a stream of income for the incapacitated individual or individual in need of care
  • Income and asset cutoffs that render an individual ineligible for Medicaid
  • Waiting times and penalty periods for denied Medicaid applications
  • Submitting a second Medicaid application
  • The use of promissory notes, trusts and other strategic estate planning documents to regain Medicaid eligibility

These Medicaid planning tools are complex and involve proper organization of your personal assets. Make sure to work with an attorney who understands the full scope of your estate planning and Medicaid needs. Contact us today.