Medicaid Planning

When people put away money for retirement, they think about the living expenses needed when they are living at home. Not everyone ends up living independently into their senior years.

It is important to consider the possibility for nursing home care as you weigh your options in estate planning and elder law. At M. Joseph Levin,P. C., we offer experienced legal counsel for individuals and families facing Medicaid planning issues throughout New York.

The effectiveness of our attorneys' representation is reflected in our firm's continued success. We are the oldest continually operating law firm in Queens, New York, and it has helped us become the go-to counselors for generations of families. We help our clients today just as we helped their parents and grandparents before.

Rely on us for the guidance you need in these challenging legal matters. Contact us to arrange a consultation about your Medicaid planning options.

The Cost Of Care As You Get Older

Do not let the burden of your care eat away at the assets and income you spent a lifetime building. A strategic estate plan that includes trusts, promissory notes and life estates can help protect your assets and keep you eligible for crucial government benefits like Medicaid.

Without these critical estate planning tools, the financial assets you have saved can render you ineligible for benefits and may be all you have to pay for costly elder care in nursing home or adult care facilities.

Planning For The Future

As always, it is best to plan ahead, which is why we encourage our clients to contact us when they can still make decisions through noncrisis Medicaid planning. That is, they are not yet in need of elder living care, and they can take time to manage their financial affairs in the event of incapacity.

Help When The Future Is Now

Some cases inevitably involve the unexpected. If you or someone you care about is facing a Medicaid crisis, we can still help you take action. Medicaid eligibility is complex and many financial assets can be reorganized to help you get the care you need even if you have already been admitted into a nursing home or elder care facility.

Do not hesitate to get the answers you need. Our New York attorneys can sit down with you and answer your questions so you understand what options are right for you.